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Get Paid to Surf the Web
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Below are the companies alphabetically from K thru Q that will pay you to surf the web. Some pay cash, while others use a points or rewards system. They are all free to join. Please let them know that I sent you. Thank you. Don't see a program listed here? Send it to me using my Feedback form. Want more information about getting paid to surf?  Click here to find out more.

Making-cash- Wouldn't waste time on this one. This one isn't clear on how much they pay. But they claim to be going active on 11/11. You also get paid for referrals. Please use pocchange as your referrer. Thank You.

Memolink- Earn points for filling out surveys, sampling products, visiting sites and more.  Then redeem points for many cool prizes.

Minrak- They reward points for various things including visiting sites. They also have a referral program.

Mypoints- Earn points for visiting web sites, taking surveys and more. Points can be used for travel, entertainment, merchandise and much more. Pocket-Change Recommended!

MyService- Get paid to help your friends! You get paid to answer others questions. They also pay for referrals.

Nesteggz- You get saving off your groceries and a incentive account for using their coupons, which earns interest on top of it all.

NetFlip- They will give you $3 up front just for joining. Then you earn big money signing up with their sponsors for stuff you're probably about to get anyway.

Opt-in-Pays- They pay you .03 cents per site you visit on their site, they also pay for emails.

Paidforsurf- They are paying .75 cents per hour that you use their ad viewer. They also pay for referrals hours.

Paidzone- They are paying you .02 cents for each advertisers site you visit. They also pay you .01 cent for each of your referrals visits.

Paydate- Earn 60 cupid credits for every hour you use their datebar. You also earn for using various other services and referrals.


PaysU- They are based in Europe. They will pay you to view they're ads. They also pay for your referrals.

Point Click- They give you 1 point for each time you click on a link in their network. Each point is worth 1 cent. Been Paid. Combine a bunch of your rewards/incentives into one account. Helps you reach larger goals much faster.

Prima Rewards- Earn points and then redeem for free stuff.

Qool- Earn points visiting their advertisers sites and then use your points to bid on thousands of great items.

QuickClickCash- Get paid for visiting websites from their site. Also get paid for referrals usage.

Click here for A thru C Companies
Click here for D thru J Companies
Click here for K thru Q Companies
Click here for R thru Z Companies