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Get $ for Mystery Shopping

Here you will find places that pay you to mystery shop for them. This site itself is not a pay mystery shoppers site. I simply list the companies that have a secret shopper program. You must sign up with the individual companies that interest you below. They are totally free to join. Need more information about mystery shopping?  Click here to find out more. Yes every company listed below is free to sign up to become a mystery shopper, now aren't you glad you didn't pay for a mystery shopping list? I include any comments my visitors make about each company, hopefully this helps both shoppers by letting them know which companies previous shoppers have had good relations with. This will also hopefully help any companies that shoppers haven't had good relations with, to know their weakness and improve in those areas.

A Closer look  
A & M Business Services
Amusement Advantage
Ann Michaels & Associates
Anonymous Insights
Ath Power- Visitor wrote: "Always paid on time. Pleasant people to work with."

Another wrote "ath power.  Did work for them on Oct 30.  have never been paid.  have e-mailed several times, but get no response."

Bare Associates Intl. Site down last check.
Barry Leeds & Associates
Best Marks Audit  

Bestmark-Been Paid.  Visitor wrote: "I have done work for BestMark. My complaint against them is that they do not want to pay for their restaurants shops. Only reimburse for meals. NO tip reimbursment. No expenses on 25 miles or more."

Another visitor wrote: "I have been paid by Best Mark and agree with the comments posted, in addition, I would say they require a great deal of reporting for no actual compensation and if you miss any of their steps, they do not want to pay."

Another visitor wrote: "I have always been paid quickly. If I have severalshops in the month, it will be 1 check at the end of the SAME month - NO "middle of the next month delay" If I only have 1 or 2 shops, the check is at my door in 5-7 days. (quick considering it's over 1900 miles!)
I would not expect to be paid for an incomplete job, so I have no problem with not being paid if I skip parts of the survey.
Although I ama on my 3rd rep in 2 years, all of the reps (incl others at co.) with whom I have spoken have been VERY friendly and helpful. (I am still in contact with my previous 2 who left the company.)
Only complaints: 1. fine dining allowance is often short of actual expense, much less tip, 2. it often takes a great deal of time for survey."

Another wrote "Bestmark (they pay quickly and they have many new shops that pay you for going to retail places, as well as reimbursement shops for restaurants)"

Another wrote "I have been paid by Best Mark Audit.  I have accepted more assignments with this company because they were the first company to pay me.  Many of the shops don't even require a purchase, just a business card."

Better Marketing Assoc.  
Brand Marketing International Ltd.
Business Evaluation
Business Insights
Business Research Lab
BuyerTouch Down at last check (aka Junefish)- Earn extra money, free merchandise and free shopper points for reviewing commercial websites.
Byers Choice- Visitor wrote: "Pays like clockwork! I do my shops, email the audits. When my last shop for the month is complete-The check is in my hand within a few days. Staff wonderful to work with. I would highly recommend shopping here!"
Beyond Hello- Visitor wrote "Beyond Hello (usually pays about $10-$16 a shop, all I have done were retail and the $10-$16 is my take-home)"
Campbell, Edgar Inc.
Capstone Research
Certified Marketing Services
Certified Reports
Check Mark Inc.-Been Paid several times. Visitor wrote: "Got paid on time, but they don't have a lot of available shops in my area."
Checkup Marketing
Cirrus Marketing
Consumer Impressions
Consumer Research Group
Corporate Research Group
Count on Us
Courtesy Counts
CSD Assessments
Customer 1st
Customer Perceptions
Customer Perspectives
Cyber Shoppers
Danis Research
Devon Hill Associates
DSG Associates Inc.- Visitor wrote "DSG Associates (have been paid, they are friendly to work with over the phone, you do not need a computer to be a secret shopper for them)
Employee Evaluators
ESP Shop  
Expert Shopping Professionals  
Feedback Plus Inc.- Visitor wrote: "Feed back plus always pays on time and has very friendly contacts."
Focus On Service- Visitor said they have been paid.
Genesis Group- Visitor wrote: "I have been paid by Genesis grp. They do pay when the say they will. But the organization is not put together very well and some of the schedulers have no problem letting the shopper take the fall when they screw up."

Another visitor writes: "I've been paid several times by Genesis group. They pay very well and I have been extremely happy mystery shopping for them"

Great America Mystery Shopper- Visitor stated they had unpleasant experience.
Green and Associates- Visitor said they have been paid.
Hind Sight
ICC/Decsion Services Visitor wrote: "I am always paid on time. Very quick reply to my email questions to them & I also like being able to frequently check for jobs in my area."
Investigative Marketing- Visitor wrote: "On your Mystery Shopping page you have a link to Investigative Marketing Services.  Please be aware that this company does not pay its shoppers.  I have been owed money ($300+) since July 2001 and the company is either silent or makes excuses when contacted.  Efforts with external parties to claim what is owed have all been unfruitful.  Hundreds of other shoppers are also owed money.  Please stop promoting this link.  Thank you."
Jack in the Box Mystery Shopper
Jancyn Visitor wrote "I agreed to accept an assignment from Jancyn and was notified before the due date that it was being cancelled because I had not completed it. I had projected to do the shop on Monday, the shop was due on Friday, but they cancelled me anyway."

Another wrote: "Nice to work with. Got paid within the time frame that they gave me in their outline."

JKS Inc  
Ken Rich Retail Group
Leadership Factor
Market Image-Been Paid several times. Site down last check.
Market Watch
Mercantile Systems
Merchandising Concepts Group
Mystery Shoppers Inc
National Shopping Service Visitor wrote: "National Shopping Service: I won't do shops for them anymore. It took them several months and phone calls on my part to get paid. I probably spent more on the phone calls than I made, but it was the principle of the thing. I wonder how many people they didn't pay." 

Another visitor wrote "I've worked for National Shopping Service for more than 8 years now, never once have I not been paid! I have only had positive interactions with them!"

Another wrote "I have visited National Shoppping Service and find them to be very unprofessional.  I wrote to tell them to take me off the list.  Questions arn't answered and payment takes 6 weeks."

Another wrote "I dealt with Rex at NSS.  He e-mailed me to ask me to do a shop.  We stayed in contact until I was paid, and never once did he not answer an e-mail.  He told me when checks would be mailed, and I received my reimbursement within a week after the check had gone out.  I asked him about the comment made by someone who frequents this page.  He said he would treat me right, and he did."

NOP Research Group Great for Europe
Pacific Research Group- Visitor wrote: "I have worked with PRG for a few years now. They always pay on time and their reps are wonderful. The only snag is that not everyone can work for them because you must own both a laptop and a digital camera in order to complete their shops. I did not own either when i first talked to them, but i purchased both the items and i have had a steady monthly income from them ever since. Purchasing these items were well worth the work i have received"
Patron Edge-Focused in the New England area.
Person To Person Quality
Pinecone Research- Visitor wrote: "This company pays $5 for every completed survey and also sends a great deal of the products for me to test and then fill out another survey."
PMR Research
Precision Research
Professional Review
Pulse Back
Quality Assessments
Quality Check- Asia and parts of Australia.
Quality Marketing
Quest for Best- Visitor wrote: "A great company to work for."
Reality Check
Report Co.
Retail Biz Consulting
Rickie Kruh Research
Sassie Shop- Owner said they are always looking for shoppers. Very professional looking site.
Second To None-Been Paid. Visitor said "they were very prompt and pleasant to work with".

Another wrote "I have been working for this company for a while now and have always been paid and on time. They have great people to work with!"

Another wrote "I'm paid, but the scheduler isn't very organized when sending out shops nor fair/organized when deciding who gets the shops."

Secret Shopnet- Visitor wrote: "I have worked for them for almost 2 years. They pay on time -every time! (I have several times gotten my pay earlier than payday!) Jobs are fequently posted and plentlyful. I pickup a few hundred dollars each month shopping for them. Everything is internet based, They are one very well organized,pleasant company to work for."

Another Visitor Wrote: "I question the comment regarding Secret ShopNet, specifically, the shopper making a "few hundred dollars per month". You are only allowed a maximum of 15 shops/month at $10 CDN or $7 US per hour. I have never seen a job in excess of 1 hour, nor one that reimburses over $15. Perhaps the money spoken of is an exageration. Also, jobs in Alberta are not plentiful, as mentioned. However, the company is efficient and does pay on time."

Another visitor wrote: "I have been doing assignments for Secretshop net (Service Intelligence) for several months. Great company and yes I too have made Excellent money. I have met several Mystery shoppers and am afraid to let them know about the site..I don't want to lose my extra income! :)"

Another visitor wrote: "I too have worked steadily for SecretShopNet and have earned $200 in my first month with them.  The comment above stating that they only have jobs that pay $7.00 is untrue.  Some of my jobs have been for 2 to 3 hours @ $7 per hour, with reimbursements for purchases up to $19.00."

Secret Shopper Company
Sensor Quality Management, Inc- Visitor wrote: "I am a Mystery Shopper for Sensors Quality Management and they are very excellent to work with. Friendly, lots of excellent shops, always paid on time. Highly recommended for Canadian Mystery Shoppers."
Service Check
Service Evaluation
Service Excellence Group
Service Intelligence
Service Performance Group
Service Perceptions
Service Probe
Service Sleuths by Howard Services
Service Trac 
S & FA Capital Services Site down last check.
SG Marketing
Shop'n Chek- Visitor wrote: "shop n check pays on time, but they usually have $5 shops, require a lot of reporting and will call repeatedly about the same shop as early as 6 a.m."

Another visitor wrote: "Pays on time,however they call me EARLY in the mornings... 7AM!!"

Shoppers International Site down last check.
Shoppers View
Sights on Service, Inc.  Visitor stated that they have been paid several times and that Minnesotans have an advantage with this company.

Another wrote "Sights on Service (they pay, but shops are limited - even to Minnesotans)"

Sinclair Service Assessments-Been Paid. Visitor wrote: "I am paid in a timely manner. I don't like that they just send you dates and locations to shop without finding out if you really want to do this round or not."
Skil Check
Southwest Mystery Shoppers
Sparagowski & Assoc
Sparks Research
Speedmark Information Services Visitor wrote: "They pay on time and have plenty of opportunity in rural areas. Online forms available but not necessary"
Spot Checks
TES/Rapid Chek- Been Paid. Recommended!
Test Shopper
Texas Shoppers Network
Trend Source
Under Cover Shoppers
Vantage Points

Mystery Shopping companies that do not have websites or no online application:

Critique International
7758 Wallace Road
Suite 10
Orlando, FL 32819
(407) 351-4832
(407) 351-5884 FAX

Mystery Shopping Resources:

Mystery Shopping Providers Association- Invaluable resource.