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Miscellaneous Money Saving Programs

There are tons of not quite free things on the Internet. There are also tons of ways to save a few bucks over the conventional way of buying products or services. I have listed some below.

Debt Consolidation

American Consumer Credit Council- A nationally recognized consumer credit non-profit organization dedicated to helping people regain control of their personal finances and plan for the future.

Credit Card Consolidators-Free debt analysis. No loan needed.

Debt Advocates-Consolidate your debt.

Lower Monthly Bills

Lower your Bills- They show you who offers the lowest prices on your phone bills, car insurance bills and other bills.

College Goodies

JourneyEd- Student discounted books, software and other stuff.

ecampus- Books for cheap and more.

UPromise- Earn free money for college doing stuff you do now anyway.


Free Phone Calls- Get 2 1/2 hours of free phone calls.