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Free Cash, Money, Dollars, Prizes, Points, Etc...
Free Cash, Money, Dollars, Prizes, Points, Rewards and more. That's right we have combed the internet looking for companies that will pay you to surf the web, fill out surveys, mystery shop and any other way you can imagine to earn some easy money. "" is dedicated to showing you ways to get free and easy money, cash, prizes and other great rewards. Please enjoy your stay and let all your friends know about us. If you know of a link that should be here, feel free to submit it using my Feedback form. Or you can email me at but I will not sign up for a program under you unless you use the feedback form.

Get Paid For Your Opinion- Here you will find links to places that will pay you to complete surveys, participate in online focus groups.  Some pay cash, some have other incentives.  How is it you can be paid for your opinions? Click here to find out.

Get Paid to Surf The Web- Here you will find places that will pay you to surf the web.   Some pay cash, while others use a points or rewards system.  They are all free to join. What is getting paid to surf? Click here to find out.

Become a Mystery Shopper- Here you will find  places that will pay you to become a mystery shopper.  Do not pay for a list of mystery shopping places because there are plenty on this page for free.  What is mystery shopping?  Click here to find out. Get Paid to Receive Email- Listed on this page are several companies that will pay you to read email they send you, or for email you send. What is getting paid for reading email?  Click here to find out.
Free Stocks- This page has links to many companies that offer free stocks.  Some of the companies also offer more free stocks for referring your friends. How can companies give out free stock?    Click here to find out more. $$ for Webmasters- Have a website?   Make some money with your website, listed are some great sponsors.  If you're looking to make some extra money from your website than this is a great resource.
Sweepstakes, Contests & Prizes- Do I really need to explain what's going to be on this page? Okay, I knew I had smart visitors. Miscellaneous Money Makers- This page has links to sites that are also money makers or savers but do not fit into a category of their own.
Unclaimed Property- Are you one the millions of people who have forgotten about money they have? Well find out here. You'll find the website and/or mailing address of each states unclaimed property division. Money Savers- Tons of place to save money. From debt consolidation to very cheap college text books. Lots of ways to save money.

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Free Software- Why buy it when it's free? This page has some really big software titles. How about Print Shop and Rand McNally. Big enough? Go check it out. There's sure to be a software title you're interested in. Beta Testing- Get to play with pre-released versions of software. Companies need people to test their new software and report on their findings. Sometimes in exchange you get a full version of the software when it is released.
Coupons- Like money? Well than keep more of it by using coupons. Print coupons with your printer, get instant online coupons. There's also other great money saving links here. Clothing Freebies- Free T-shirts, hats and more await you here. There's no better way to accent your wardrobe than with free clothes.
Misc. Freebies- These are freebies that don't fit into a category by themselves. Some of our best freebies are listed here. Webmaster Freebies- Get all your webmaster needs for free. Be sure and also see our $$ for Webmasters page.
Free Products- Who doesn't like getting free samples? Well, you'll find them and more on this page. Free Webspace- Need some space? Get it here.
Free Games- Nothing like playing your favorite game for free.  Some even reward you for playing games at their site. Free Graphics- Need some jazzy clip art for your website or brochure?   There are plenty of free images to be found.
Free Newsletters- You'll also find free magazines and free catalogs listed on this page. Free Internet Access- Most of these are ad supported, but hey they make great back up ISP's.
Link to Us- Like our site? Then link to us. Here are some ways to link to About About us and Frequently Asked Questions page.